NSA Wales and Border Main Sale

Royal Welsh Showground Sales

NSA Wales and Border Main Sale

01982 553614

Monday 25th September 2017

At Royal Welsh Showground , Builth Wells

Further details Leominster Office 01568 611166 (Charollais) Michael Evans/Sara Hamer
Builth Office 01982 553614 ( Border Leicester and Beulah Speckleface) Chris Davies

The largest single day selection of Rams and Ram Lambs anywhere in the UK.

Entries consigned from Breeders in England, Wales and Scotland, give a great selection for all purchasers. Showing of the Charollais is on the afternoon prior to the sale, with all sheep being rigorously inspected, buyers can bid with full confidence

Brightwells are also official auctioneers to the Poll Dorset Society. If you are looking for a sheep that is adaptable to any climate or altitude, with a fleece that many breeds would like to aspire to, then this is your sheep.

Border Leicesters
This year will be the Fifty Eighth Year that Brightwells have sold Border Leicester’s at Builth Wells with the sale now part of the NSA Ram Sale. There is usually a catalogue entry in the region of 90 Pedigree Border Leicesters with a breakdown of 75 Rams and 15 females the highlight of last year’s sale was the sale of James Brown Shearling ram for 7,000gns.

Pictured above - Top Price Shearling 2015 from James Brown, Eidon Cottage, Mindrum Mill – Sold for 7000gns

Brightwells in partnership with Sunderlands and Thompson also sell Suffolk Rams. There is normally a catalogued entry of 100 Suffolk Yearlings which would ideally suit commercial flocks.

Beulah Speckled Face
There is normally an entry in the region of 30 Beulah Speckled Face Yearling Rams at the sale

All enquiries welcome please contact Mike Evans, Greg Christopher or Sara Hamer
Easters Court, Leominster HR6 0DE.
Telephone number 01568 611166
Email: sara.hamer@brightwells.com


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