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Under the auspices of The Hereford Cattle Society

Spring Show and Sale of Pedigree Hereford Cattle

At Hereford Cattle Market
On Tuesday 4th April 2017

Viz: 16 Show Heifers, 63 Bulls and 13 Females/Calves Sale only

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Autumn Show and Sale of Pedigree Hereford Cattle

At Hereford Livestock Market HR4 7AN
On Tuesday 10th October 2017

The Hereford is one of the UK`s oldest native beef breed actually originating in the County of Herefordshire in the mid 1700`s. Throughout its history the Hereford has maintained its distinctive white face and red coat and all cross bred Hereford cattle feature a White Face. The Hereford is renowned for good temperament, adapts to all types of production systems and environmental conditions, ease of calving resulting in an increased calf crop with viable crossbred calves and reduced veterinary costs, prolific breeders and when finished off grassland produces an excellent taste of beef. Being a native breed it commands a premium at retail level when sold through the branded beef schemes and sales have increased significantly year on year.

Brightwells as official auctioneers to The Hereford Cattle Society hold two annual sales at Hereford Livestock Market being the Spring Show and Sale and the Autumn Show and Sale selling Pedigree Bulls, Maiden and In calf Heifers, Cows/Heifers and Calves. These sales are the two Premier sales in the United Kingdom attracting entries from breeders in England, Wales and Scotland being further enhanced this last couple of years with entries from Northern Ireland.

Brightwells have also conducted several major dispersal sales of Pedigree Hereford Cattle in recent years one of the largest being the Badlingham Hermitage and Hillrow herds on farm in Cambridge and more recently the Gomer herd consigned to Hereford Market

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