Supplementary Fodder Sale

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Supplementary Fodder Sale



Supplementary Sale Hay, Straw, Ryegrass, Silage & Haylage

To be sold at Easters Court, Leominster HR6 0DE

On Friday 3rd March 2017 at 2.30pm

Catalogues will be available from 01568 611166 or click here to view online 

19th January  - 51st Annual Collective Sale Report

Brightwells 51st Annual Sale of Winter Fodder attracted a packed room of customers. Viewed prior to the Sale Hay, Straw, Silage and Fodder Beet were all included. Straw met the keenest interest with Round Bale Barley averaging £13 per bale, 4 String Squares up to £20 per bale, 6 String Square averaging £19.50 per bale. Small Bale now in short supply sold at £2.26 per bale. The large supply of Wheat Straw saw 4ft Rounds average £11 per bale, 4 String Square £13.50 per bale, 6 String Squares top at £23.30 per bale to average £18, Small Bales £1.70 per bale, 4 and 6 String Square Bales Oat Straw at £14.50 per bale. 4 String Square Rape Haulm at £10.40 per bale, Hay met a more selective demand with quality hay in short supply many customers found few lots to suit their needs. Round Bales of better hay around £15 per bale, 4 String Square of top quality sold to £28 per bale with other better lots from £15 to £21. 6 String good hay at £20.

Small Bales sold in excess of £2 to a top of £2.80, whatever the bale size poorer hay was always difficult to move with Round and Square Bales from £8 to £13 where a sale was possible.

Silage and Haylage met demand with nice samples from £12 to £16 others from £8 to £11 per bale. The top of maize silage sold at £27 per tonne with Fodder Beet at £20 per tonne.

An excellent clearance effected Entries now being taken for Supplementary Sale on Friday 3rd March.

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