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Supplementary Fodder Sale



Supplementary Sale Hay, Straw, Ryegrass, Silage & HaylageE


The demand for straw remained very strong with 3 large consignments of 4 and 6 string square bales of Wheat Straw selling at prices just over £20 per bale, firstly 80cms x 90cms x 8 foot; the two lots of 120cms x 70cms x 8 foot long. More is needed. Other 4 string bales from £13.46 to £18.20 with a total clearance effected. 4 foot round bales of Wheat ranged from £12 to £16.66 to average £14.85. Only one lot of Barley Straw available 4 foot round, sold at £17 per bale; Conventional bales of straw sold from £1.70 to £2.

Demand for Hay remained selective with both quantity and location being factors; 4 string seeds hay sold to £20.50 per bale, for quality 80cms x 70cms x 7 foot long. Other better hay from £14 to £18 per bale. Poor quality from £8 to £12.50 where sales could be made; 4 foot round ranged from £9 to £15. Conventional bales from £1.50 to £1.80 per bale only limited demand; Wrapped silage and Haylage sold to £13.60 for bale for nicer sample. Entries included 2014 and 2015 produced and prices ranged from £3 to £12 per bale.

A total clearance effected on straw with over 60% of hay and silage also being sold.

Meadow Hay



Per bale

Small conventional bales


Are £1.80

4ft Round

Sold from £10 to £15

Are £13.14

Big Square 90cms x 80cms

Sold from £12 to £17.60

Are £15.36

Seeds Hay

4ft Round

Sold from £10 to £16

Are £14.00

Wheat Straw

Small conventional bales


Are £1.80

4ft Round

Sold from £12 to £16.66

Are £14.85

Big Square 80cms x 90cms

Sold from £13.60 to £20.33

Are £18.65

Big square 90cms x 90cms


Are £18.20

Big square 120cms x 70cms


Are £20.38

Barley Straw

Small conventional bales


Are £2.00

4ft Round


Are £17.00

 Oat Straw

4ft Round


Are £14.35

Wrapped Silage

4ft Round

Sold from £6.66 to £13.60

Are £8.92

Wrapped Silage/Haylage

4ft Round


Are £12.00



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